Welcome to the KUKLE holiday resort website


KUKLE Holiday Resort is located on the edge of Augustowski Forest, by the shore of embodied by the zone of silence Pomorze Lake. Whole complex consists of a hotel building, cabins, campsite, a village hut and a KUKLE II object. In the neighbourhood there are 4 wildlife reserves, Wigierski National Park and many other attractions: Augustowski Channel, canoe trail of Czarna Hańcza, basilica and synagogue in Sejny, monastery of Kamedułs by the Wigry Lake and sanctuary of St Mary in Studzieniczna – the place where the Pope stayed during the pilgrimage in 1999. The trips to – located only 220 km far – Milno are very common attraction for the visitors during their holidays. We also recommend visiting nearby health resort in Druskienniki.

We offer the following services: summer and winter holidays, weekend and festive visits, vistis connected with water sports and sports camps, meetings, trainings, conferences, ‘green school’ events, balls, social meetings, ‘white’ and ‘green’ sleigh rides, accommodation for visitors traveling to Lithuania, integrative meetings for companies, mushroom picking and fishing.