Sailing on Pomorze Lake

Pomorze Lake is located in the noth-east Poland, on the southern edge of Kukle village in Giby commune (Sejneński county). Lake is classified as a cave-in lake with a highly developed coastline, wooded by pine trees of The Augustów Primeval Forest. There are many bays which are easily accessed, meanders with washed out shores, beavers’ dams, blown down trees, reed areas and shrubs. The bottom of the lake is constituted by sand and gravel with many rises and depressions, it is enriched with luxuriant underwater greenery.

The shape of the lake reminds of a boomerang. In the old days the reservoir used to be called ‘morze’ (the sea). The area of the Lake Pomorze is 295,4 hectares, the length 4,9 km, maximum width 1,4 km, maximum depth 23,5 m (average depth 8,6m). Water tract is located on the height of 123 m above sea level. Lake Pomorze is a wonderful place for water sports, including sailing.

‘Kukle’ holiday resort is a great ‘base’ for sailors, windsurfers, canoeists, it has an excellent pier-wharf, night shelter and gastronomical base. Marycha river flowing through the lake. The valley of the river is very wide, wooded in the lower fragment (The Augustów Primeval Forest). The sources of the river are located in the Puńsk area in Poland (Podlaskie province), it runs through Sejny, inflows the Pomorze Lake and next becomes the border between Poland and Lithuania, then between Lithuania and Belarus.

North of the Czertok village it flows into the Czarna Hańcza, as its left side inflow. Marycha river is not only the big challenge for the skilled canoeists but also for the survival fans – it is the alternative for the most well known canoe trail of Augustowski Land – Czarna Hańcza.