Lake Pomorze is located on a Augustowska Plain, on 123 m above sea level. The lake is categorized as a beeded lake. It has a highly developed coastline. Its shape reminds of a triangle. The area is 295 hectares, length: 4,4 km, width: 1,4 km, maximum depth equals 23,5 m.

The shores are covered by pine forests in most cases easily accessed. The Marycha River runs through the lake, it flows from the north, from the 9km far Sejny Lake and further runs east to Czarna Hańcza. From the north-east branch there is an inflow of 1,7 km long stream outleting waters from the Kunis lake and seven lakes located in the north.

The prominent part of the flora above the water in the lake is not very luxuriant – it is mostly common reed and ‘pałka wąskolistna’ (plant similar to bulrush). The flora below the tract is far more luxuriant (‘moczarka kanadyjska’, pondweed, water milfoil and sungem), they create beautiful underwater meadows. The bottom of the lake is constituted by the sand and gravel, it is little bit muddy near the shores. Water in the reservoir is clean and transparent with exception of the time when the phytoplankton is blooming.

The lake is famous for its big pikes, breams and perches in the size of a pan. We can also fish here for roaches, lavarets, eels and vendaces. In May and June the search for the pikes is best to begin at the inclines of the shore bank or by the lakeshore bulrushes. In the winter it is easy to catch a ‘garbus’ or a roach . The great ‘fishing base’ is Holiday Resort in Kukle: Great pier enabling fishing in all times of the year, boat rental. In the Resort you can buy a permit for fishing, order meals (good regional cuisine), room rental in the hotel, cabin rental. Fishermen may use a shelter for a campfire. There is also a smokehouse to fishermen disposal.

Pomorze Lake belongs to the Polish association of fishing (Polski Związek Wędkarski), district in Białystok.

GPS data: N 54° 2′ 4” E 23° 24′ 27”