Culinary services

Cuisine of the holiday resort “Kukle” is based on the traditional Polish cuisine, nevertheless it also includes country dishes from the region of Sejny with the usage of local products. For the organized groups, companies organizing events or meetings we can prepare so called ‘Kuklańskie jadło’ – food named after the Kukle place.

“Babka ziemniaczana” (Potatoe cake). Potatoe cake is a traditional dish made out of potatoes. It is usually prepared out of fresh, young potatoes because of their specific taste. It is not an expensive dish, very often served as a basic country dinner. Usually potatoe cake has a shape of few-centimeters high, light-brown ‘pan cake’ and its size is dependent on the container in which it was baked.

♦ “Kołduny litewskie” (Lithuanian meat dumplings). Meat dumplings – little, cooked dumplings made of wheat dough, filled with raw meat with the addition of kidney suet, – probably brought to the region of Lithuania – including Sejny area – by the Tatar people.

“Kartacze sejneńskie” / Kartacze (‘grape-shots’). Is the name for the old missiles that were used to shoot at the infantry and chivalry. Grape-shots were cardboard or metal boxes filled with gunpowder, or lead balls. The name also sticked to the balls of dough filled with meat, called in the region of Sejny: “kartacze.”

Bliny po litewsku (Lithuanian pancakes). The name of Lithuanian pancakes hides various dishes to be found in Russia as well as in Belarus and Lithuania. In the area of Sejny “blin'”is a potatoe pancake baked and filled with meat. The typical meal consists of two ‘blin’ pancakes.

Country “kalmus” bread. Baking bread has a very long tradition in the region of Sejny. Not only in the country huts, but also in town houses people used to bake bread and various cakes and buns in their bread ovens. This fading skill of baking bread is now beginning to reborn – thanks to the development of tourism and the return to the more and more popular ecological cuisine.

“Chołodziec litewski / chłodnik” (cold vegetable soup). “Chłodnik” is a soup with a high amount of spices, served cold. It is especially popular in the time of summer and very well complements the main course. It is very dietetic and at the same time very nutritious.

“Czenaki z Puńska”. The dish is very unusual in its taste as well as in the way it is served. ‘Czenaki’ are served in clay jugs with a cover. The warmth-holding jugs make “czenak” hot to the last spoon and preserve its taste.

“Soczewiaki” and “kakory”. “Soczewiaki” and “kakory” are a kind of dumplings where the filling is constituted by the grinded lentil, flavored with cracklings. The dishes are considered delicious but a little bit stodgy. In the past, consuming those dishes used to provide a lot of energya and a feeling of satiety before and during country works.

Dessert cheese from Puńsk. This kind of cheese, made by tradional home methods are gaining more and more popularity. The cheese is produced from the natural milk from the cows of the local stock-farming households. The cows are fed naturally – with the grass and hay. It guarantees good taste of the cheese and its ecological purity.

“Sękacz sejneński / Bankuchen”. “Sękacz” is a cake which tends to impress consumers with its unique taste and shape. The shape reminds of an oval, slightly cone-shaped and vertically placed block of wood. There are many ‘knots’ sticking out of its sides. Whole ‘sękacz’ has an appetizing, shaded, light-yellow color, interlaced inside with a thin brown smudges. “Sękacz” attracts people with his fresh aroma of a home-made cuisine guaranteeing magnificent consumption experience.